4 Reasons to Exercise for Weight Loss if You Have Arthritis


Carrying extra pounds can increase your chances of developing arthritis. Once you start noticing the signs, motivating yourself to start exercising to lose the weight can be even harder. However, there are several reasons people with arthritis should keep their weight to a healthy level, and here are just four. 1. Manage Pain and Discomfort You might think that exercising will put your body through too much pain and discomfort, but you'll actually be protecting yourself from worse pain in the future.

16 September 2018

Buying Used Gym Equipment: 3 Top Tips


Brand new gym equipment can be very expensive, so if you want to save money, you may wish to consider investing in used gym equipment when setting up your home gym in a basement or garage. Gym equipment can last for many years, so even if you invest in used equipment, you should still get lots of use out of it before it needs to be replaced or repaired. Below is a guide to 3 top tips which will help you to find used gym equipment which matches your needs.

16 January 2018

Two Common Injuries Weightlifters Tend to Suffer From


Weightlifting is a fantastic form of exercise for those who wish to build muscle and increase their physical strength. However, some weightlifting moves can cause injuries if they are not performed correctly. Here are some of the most common injuries people tend to sustain when participating in this form of exercise. Herniated discs Weightlifters who routinely perform deadlifts often develop herniated discs (sometimes referred to as 'bulging' discs). The reason for this is that this move can place a lot of pressure on a person's back, particularly if they do not fully bend their knees when performing it.

12 January 2018

3 Common Misconceptions About Massage Therapy


Massage therapy might be recommended by your doctor if you've suffered an injury or regularly overuse your muscles, such as through exercise or sports. Massage therapy can also help you heal after surgery. While this type of treatment offers many benefits, people often have some misconceptions about these types of sessions, and these misconception could actually stop them from visiting such a therapist. Note a few of those misconceptions here, and discuss your concerns with your doctor as necessary.

4 January 2018