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Yo! My name is Pam and this is my exercise blog. On this blog, I will be writing about a number of different fitness topics. The majority of serious illnesses and diseases are a result of poor diet and a lack of exercise. Just doing a few minutes of exercise each day can make a real difference to your health and the quality of your life. I learnt this when I was 41, overweight and slightly depressed. My husband made me exercise with him at the gym and I hated it. However, after a week or so, I began to feel much better. I hope this blog helps you to get fit.

3 Common Misconceptions About Massage Therapy


Massage therapy might be recommended by your doctor if you've suffered an injury or regularly overuse your muscles, such as through exercise or sports. Massage therapy can also help you heal after surgery. While this type of treatment offers many benefits, people often have some misconceptions about these types of sessions, and these misconception could actually stop them from visiting such a therapist. Note a few of those misconceptions here, and discuss your concerns with your doctor as necessary.

Only men give deep massages

Some people mistakenly believe that only men have the strength needed to give deep, therapeutic massages. This is not the case, as a person doesn't need to be overly strong to properly work muscles; in fact, too much pressure during a massage can actually be painful, and may cause injury to weakened muscles. A massage therapist may also use certain tools that help to add pressure to the body during a massage, such as bamboo sticks or heated rocks.

If you're a woman who is uncomfortable with a male therapist or are concerned about getting a massage from a man for any reason, don't assume that you would need to have a male treat you, even if you need a deep tissue massage. Female therapists are just as highly trained and capable of such beneficial massages as male therapists.

Massage is "new age"

Some massage therapists may burn candles, sage or incense during a massage. They may also play "new age" music, or the sound of whales, the ocean and the like. These things can be very relaxing to clients, but they're also not necessary. A therapeutic massage is meant to help the body relax and heal, and this can be done without candles, music, and other such "new age" items. Discuss your preferences with your massage therapist, and they will no doubt be happy to accommodate.

You should heal first, then get a massage

Your doctor may actually prescribe massage as a means of helping you to heal faster after an injury or surgery. The massage therapist should know about your injury or condition so they can adjust their methods of massaging damaged or painful areas of your body, but a massage will increase blood circulation and help muscles to stretch so they can heal faster. You might also feel less pain and even sleep better when you have a massage, and this can also help you to heal faster. Don't assume you should get better and then get your massage, but follow your doctor's schedule for therapy, as recommended.


4 January 2018